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Martin Parker

Author of Shut down the business schools, Professor at the University of Bristol

Martin Parker is a Professor in the School of Management, University of Bristol. His research and writing is an attempt to widen the scope of what is usually considered to be part of business and management studies, whether in terms of particular sorts of organisations (the circus, the worker co-op, Apollo space programme etc), or ways of representing organising (in art, cartoons, films etc). His recent writing has been about ‘alternative’ organisation in two senses. One is work on zero carbon business, co-operatives, worker self-management, alternative finance and so on. The other is on different ways of thinking about what ‘organisation’ means, so he written about angels, shipping containers, art galleries, as well as a book on outlaws. His most recent books are 'Shut Down the Business School' (Pluto 2018), 'Anarchism. Organization and Management' (Routledge 2020) and 'Life After Covid-19' (Bristol University Press 2020). He is the lead for the Bristol Inclusive Economy Initiative. He is also very interested in how academics write, and how they might cultivate new audiences for their ideas, and writes journalism as regularly as he can.