Фото эксперта

Наталья Лахтина

2014-2017 Bachelor of Arts (BA (Hons)), British Higher School of Art and Design, Moscow 
2013-2014 Foundation Diploma in Art & Design, British Higher School of Art and Design, Moscow 
2003-2008 College Diploma in Art & Crafts, Moscow 

Additional Education:

2007-2008 Academic School of Design, Moscow

Selected Exhibitions:
Surface, Proun Gallery, Moscow
Energy, Open Collections of the Polytechnic Museum, Moscow

Common Russian Red, National Center for Contemporary Arts (NCCA), Moscow 
Art Lihoradka, Borsch Gallery, Moscow

Retrospective, K-35 Gallery, Moscow 
Antimuseum, Electro Museum, Moscow 
Feet in the water, head in the clouds, 'Zdes' Gallery, Moscow 

Andrey Bartenev. Factory, Museum of Modern Art (MMoMA), Moscow 
Utazu Art Award, Kagawa, Japan 
Do it Moscow, Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, Moscow

Synthposium 5, Moscow 
Museum Night, Open funds of the Polytechnic Museum, Moscow

Articipant, Design Center Flacon, Moscow
Geek Picnic, Moscow 

Picnic Afisha, Moscow

Curatorial projects:

History on Storage, Open funds of the Polytechnic Museum, Moscow

Rebirth, DK Petlyura, Moscow

Grants and Awards:

2019-2020 Creative Industries Fund NL grant, Rotterdam, Netherlands
2015 Selected for the Utazu Art Award, Kagawa, Japan

Talks and Presentations:

Public talk: What do Landscapes Say? Design Center Artplay, Moscow


Design-mate, Online Magazine, Moscow

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Common Russian Red, exhibition catalogue, National Center for Contemporary Arts, pp.
Snob, No. 6 (90), November, pp. 54-61, Moscow 
Retrospective, exhibition catalogue, Gallery K-35, pp. 26-28, Moscow 
Creative Industries Magazine, Issue No. 1, December, p. 36-37, Moscow 

Just Do It, exhibition catalogue, Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, Moscow